Watt & Son
Salt and Mineral health products

Watt & Son are the producers of natural mineral and salt based health products made here in the United Kingdom. 

Our three main products are a Green Goblin Hangover relief powder, Watt & Son Liver Salts for settling the stomach and the Watt & Son Fruity Liver Tonic.

Green Goblin Hangover Relief powder, is designed to re-hydrate the body after drinking alcohol or dehydration due to excessive exercise. It is gentle on the stomach  and helps alleviate head aches and tiredness associated with alcohol consumption, replacing the vital minerals lost through alcohol consumption or exercise.
It comes in two flavours, a Strawberry flavour and a Bubble Gum flavour. The powder is simply poured into a glass of water, stirred for one minutes and then drunk.

Watt & Son Liver salts are a mix of salts, glucose and minerals, ideal for settling an upset stomach and restoring the bodies natural balance.   

Our fruity Liver Tonic, is a blend of minerals and salts mixed with vegetable and fruit juices designed to cleanse the Liver and help the body detox itself.

All our products are 100% natural.

Do not take Liver salts or Green Goblin hangover powder, if you are Pregnant, Breast feeding, have high blood pressure or Kidney problems. 

Bubble Gum Hangover Cure