Green Goblin Hangover Relief Powder

£ 4.20 

Our simple to use Hangover relief powder, helps you get rid of the hangover from hell.

Simply mix a heaped tea spoon of Green Goblin powder into a glass of water, stir for 60 seconds and drink.

The Glucose, Salts and Minerals will restore the bodies natural balance.

The powders come in  Summer Strawberry flavour.

Each sachet holds 70g of Green Goblin, which is sufficiant for several glasses.

Green Goblin powder can be taken before retiring to bed or in the morning when the first signs of a hangover appear.

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Watt & Son advocate responsible drinking.


Bubble Gum flavour Hangover Relief Powder

£ 4.20 

Bubble Gum flavoured Hang Over Relief Powder.

Simply add a tea spoon of this wonderful powder to a glass of water, stir thoroughly and drink.

The Hangover Relief Powder is a blend of minerals and salts, glucose, fruit flavour and citric acid, which gently replaces the minerals and nutrients lost from the body through drinking alcohol.

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Green Goblin 3 pack

£ 9.99 

Save money by buying a three pack.

There's nothing worse than waking up with a hangover and not having Green Goblin hangover relief powder on hand.


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Bubble Gum Jelly - Hangover Relief Jelly

£ 3.99 

Get rid of your Hangover with our mouth watering Bubble Gum Jelly.

Ideally you should make the Jelly at least four hours before you think you'll eat it.

The Bubble Gum Hangover Jelly is a sweet bubble gum flavoured jelly infused with minerals, glucose and fruit flavour. It replaces the minerals lost from the body through drinking alcohol.

Comes in a sachet holding as 30g of jelly crystals, and makes 1 pint of jelly.

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Watt and Son Liver Salts

£ 3.99 

Our Liver salts help settle the stomach by reducing acid, as well as helping the Liver remove toxines from the body.

Simply mix a spoon for of Liver salt into a glass of water, stir until disolved and drink.

It comes in a sachet holding 100g


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Liver Tonic Drink x 6 bottles

£ 20.99 


Our Liver Tonic drink is an infusion of beet vegetables, fruits, minerals, spice, glucose and mineral salts. All of which help cleanse and detox the Human Liver.

Each bottle contains 250 ml of the drink, which should be consumed either before going to bed or before breakfast. You should drink one bottle of Liver Tonic every 5 to 6 days.

Keep refridgerated after opening

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