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Mould and Condensation Solutions


Do you have problems with Mould, Damp or Condensation in your home? Do your  rooms feel damp and cold?


If so we have a quick, easy and cost effective way of resolving your Mould and Condensation problem.


The Pure Air Systems Eco range are a cost-effective, whole home ventilation solution suitable for properties with a loft space, which will cure condensation dampness and remove allergens and pollutants from the home. 

Installed in the loft out of sight and with no holes to knock through walls, this is the perfect solution for homes looking for a damp solution!

Our Pure Air system will reduce condensation by up to 98% and reduce any mould on your walls or ceiling. It also helps Asthma sufferers by reducing the spoors in the air and can even help hay fever sufferers.


The discreet device is fitted in your loft space with only a flat disc visible on your landing ceiling. 

It can be fitted within 1-2 hours with no mess. 

The running costs are staggeringly low just 1p – 2p per day 

You will feel the immediate benefits within 12 hours of fitting.


No more Mould no more Condensation!  Warmer and dryer room, no more damp clothes.


We can fit a complete Pure Air System for just £755 inclusive of VAT – No more mould No more condensation No more damp.

Comes with a 7 Years warranty 

What would you pay to get rid of you mould, damp and condensation in your home?

dry house picture