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Watt and Son specialises in Damp, Condensation and Mould solutions, making your homes dry again.

Mould develops in buildings where there is a substantial amount of moisture, not all of which can be detected by sight, smell or touch, left untreated mould can become a problem for the building and its occupants. 

Mould growth will appear on any damp surfaces such as plaster, wallpaper and timber and is mainly associated with condensation problems. Condensation is one of the biggest causes of mould, black mould being the most common, mainly due to improved insulation and heat retention without the required improvement in ventilation. 

Damp and damp proofing is by far, the most frequent problem encountered in the home, not surprising really when you consider the amount of rain water our homes have to deal with. 

Although most damp problems are much less serious than they actually look, whatever the cause, damp can be very bad for our health and the health of our property.  Watt and Son provide solutions for damp related problems throughout Devon and Cornwall, and have a huge amount of knowledge and experience.

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Plymouth, Plympton, Plymstock, Ivybridge, Dartmoor, The South Hams, Torquay and surrounding area, Exeter, Exmouth, East Cornwall, Sidmouth, Honiton

The low cost Pure Air system is installed in your loft space out of the way, only the air circulation disc is visible on your landing ceiling ( see picture below)

The whole system can be fitted in under 2 hours and costs less than 1p - 2p per day to run - Fantastic !!

Get rid of the damp and damp smell, get rid of the black spores and condensation call us today.

piv air vent


                                                        Positive Input Ventilation

Get Rid Of That Mould and Condensation!!

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